“Blue Lagoon” -stjärnan Christopher Atkins till svensk flickvän – vid den blå lagunen?


Hollywood star Christopher Atkins was married to Swedish girlfriend Sandra Ankarbjörk, 37, where his film classmate “The Blue Lagoon” filmed after Fiji’s owners offered to host his wedding.
“Christopher gave me a ring on the blue lagoon,” Sandra told Aftonbladet


The couple recently went on a romantic trip to the actual “Blue Lagoon”, Turtle Island in Fiji. They were invited by Paradise Island owners to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the film. It was the first time that Atkins returned after shooting firebreakers in 1979.
“It was very special and emotional,” said Sandra.
To show her love for her Swedish girlfriend, the 54-year-old Hollywood hunk gave her a ring.
She said, “We are not engaged, but he wanted to show me that it meant a lot to him that I was there with him.”

A wedding at the “Blue Lagoon” “not impossible”

They have been an object for almost two years and the couple does not rule out the prospect of a wedding in the “Blue Lagoon” island itself.
“Fiji wants to throw us a wedding at” Blue Lagoon. “I said” Not yet “, but it’s not impossible. She’s a wonderful woman and I’m very happy,” said the veteran actor Aftonbladet after landing at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport for a cozy vacation in Sandra’s hometown Skövde.

The amazing love story began when Sandra, a prolonged “Blue Lagoon” fan, contacted the actor on Facebook about two years ago.
“I get many Facebook messages and I usually write back. It continued and it was so nice and simple. I’ve never done anything like it before but we matched and now it’s been almost two years. She’s down to earth, funny, a great mom and person, “said Atkins.



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